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DSC00901Pamukkale or in Turkish, the name literally means Cotton Castle, is a natural site in Denizli Province in south-western Turkey. Naturally, the highlight of Pamukkale is the Cotton Castle.

But other than the natural wonder of Cotton Castle, there is the ancient city of Hierapolis. Just above the bizarre calcium cliff bathing pool, is the ruins of Hierapolis. Both Pamukkale and Hierapolis was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

DSC00789It was just a 15 minutes drive from our hotel, Lycus River Thermal to the site of Cotton Castle.

DSC00791We have finally arrived at the World Heritage Site of Hierapolis-Pamukkale.

DSC00792The ticket entrance. Everyone couldn’t wait to get inside to visit the beautiful site.

DSC00793Entering the walls of Hierapolis.

Hierapolis whose name means ‘Holy City’ or ‘Sacred City’ in ancient Greek, has only a few historical facts known about the origin of the city. Legend says that the city was founded by the god Apollo and the famed sacred hot spring were associated with Pluto, god of the underworld. The name of the city Hierapolis, might come from Heira, the wife of Telephus (son of Hercules and grandson of Zeus).

DSC00794The ruins of Gymnasium in Hierapolis. It was being used for physical exercises and education of the citizens.

DSC00796The hot springs at Hierapolis were believed to have healing properties and doctors used the rich mineral waters as a treatment for their patients. Till now, you still need to pay to bathe at the hot springs. 

DSC00799Also known as the Cotton Fortress, legend has it that this was where the Titans spread out their cotton crop to dry. You are not allowed to wear shoes and walk on the travertine pool as these may damage the deposits.



DSC00861Hot streams of milky water flows from the plateau.

DSC00805Pamukkale looks like a solid, gleaming waterfalls.

DSC00819Tourists walking bare foot on the travertine pool. It was cold walking bare foot since it is winter unless you soak your feet into the hot spring. Just beware that some areas are slippery and I fell once while walking on the travertine pool.




DSC00843We are all smiles while taking photo in the beautiful surrounding.

DSC00842You can hear the sound of water bubbling and splashing.


DSC00884The site is home to seventeen hot water springs which have varied temperatures from lukewarm to boiling hot. It used to be a very popular spa town and it was abandoned until late in the fourteenth century.



DSC00903Another angle to capture the natural beauty of the white travertine.



DSC00896On top of the travertine pools, there is also a garden with hot spring water. You can soak your feet here.

DSC00902The ethereal landscape of Pamukkale will stay in my memory for a very long time.


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