[JAPAN] Tips on Using Osaka Amazing Pass

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DSC06784Buying an Osaka Amazing Pass is an easy and economical way to explore the city as the pass includes free admission to 35 attractions and unlimited ride with Osaka buses and train. In addition, the pass also offers various discounts through TOKUx2coupons.

Where to buy?
Kansai / Osaka Tourist Information Center in various location, all stationmasters’ offices at Subway, selected train stations and selected hotels.

How much does it cost?
Osaka Amazing 1 Day Pass: 2,500 yen
Osaka Amazing 2 Day Pass: 3,200 yen
Expo’70 Commemorative Park Edition 1 day ticket: 2,950 yen

Validity of the pass

1 Day Pass: The day of use starts from the first train and ends at the last train on the same day.
2 Day Pass: The day of use starts from the first train until the last train on the next day.

How to maximize the value of Osaka Amazing Pass?
1. Plan ahead and list the facilities you want to visit in advance. The admission tickets to the attractions ranges from 150 yen to 2,300 yen without the pass. Take note of those facilities with high value (eg. LEGOLAND Discovery Center worth 2,300 yen).

2. Start using the pass as early as possible. Most facilities open around 9am and close at night. So, plan accordingly.

3. Make the most of your pass. Visit as many facilities and shops as you can.

4. Visit multiple facilities within the same area.
Osaka Amazing Map: https://www.osp.osaka-info.jp/en/map/map.html
Osaka Area Map: https://www.osp.osaka-info.jp/en/map/map_area.html

For example, in Minami area, you can visit the following facilities for free with the pass:Dotombori ZAZA (500 yen), Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum (500 yen), Japan Night Walk Tour (1,000 yen) and Tombori River Cruise (900 yen) / Tombori River JAZZ Boat (1,800 yen).

5. Use the coupons to enjoy discounts at shops, restaurants and selected places. Good news is the TOKUx2 coupons are not only valid on the day you use the pass. If you buy the pass which is valid from 1 April 2018 – 30 April 2019, the coupons are valid till 30 April 2019! But you must keep the transportation pass and show them together.

How do you know if the pass is worth to buy?
It’s easy. Do a simple calculation. First, add up the entrance fees to the list of facilities you plan to visit. Then deduct the cost of the pass.

In my case, my calculation for planned itinery is as below:
One day subway pass                           600 yen
Discount at Harukas 300                      150 yen
Osaka Castle                                         600 yen
Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden      200 yen
Museum of Housing and Living          600 yen
Umeda Sky Garden                           1,000 yen
Tombori River JAZZ Boat                1,800 yen
Japan Night Walk Tour                     1,000 yen
Total: 5,800 yen
5,800 yen – 2,500 yen = 3,300 yen
I’ll save 3,300 yen. So I should buy the pass.

My itinery using the 1 day pass
DSC068159am Harukas 300 (9am-10pm, last entry 9.30pm)

DSC0688411am Osaka Castle (9am-5pm, last entry 4.30pm)

2pm Museum of Housing & Living (10am-5pm, last entry 4.30pm)

4.30pm Kuromon Market

6.30pm Umeda Sky Building (9.30am – 10.30pm, last entry 10pm) –> Dinner & back to hotel

Transportation Details:

MIDOSUJI LINE (RED): Tennoji (M29) exit 9 or 10 to Haruka 300
TANIMACHI LINE (PURPLE): Tanimachi 4-chome (T23) exit 9 to Osaka Castle
TANIMACHI LINE (PURPLE): Tenjin-bashi-suji 6-chome station (T18) exit 3 to Musem of Housing & Living
SENNICHIMAE LINE (PINK): Nipponbashi (S17) exit 10 to Kuromon market
TANIMACHI LINE (PURPLE): Higashi-Umeda (T20) to Umeda sky garden
MIDOSUJI LINE (RED): Shinsaibashi (M19)

I must admit I am a bad example on how you should use the pass. I forgot to bring the guidebook with the TOKUx2 coupons in it and missed out the opportunity to claim the discount at Harukas 300 (150 yen). I also did not go to all the facilities that I planned initially. I forgo Tombori River JAZZ Boat and Japan Night Walk Tour as my sister and I were too tired walking whole day. As a result, I only utilized 2,400 yen (Say what? Face palm). Still, I had a great time exploring Osaka with my sister using the pass.

Lesson Learned
· Remember to always bring the guidebook and TOKUx2 coupons together with the transportation pass.
· Try your best to stick to your original plan and fully utilize the pass.
· Keep the transportation pass if you want to use TOKUx2 coupons on later days.

IMPORTANT Note! What are the limitations of the pass?
· Not available for use from the Kansai Airport and JR train.
· 2 day pass can only be used for 2 consecutive days.
· 2 day pass is only valid for Osaka subway, new tram and city bus. Not valid for other trains.
· You cannot purchase the pass online and can only purchase it when you arrive in Japan.
· A pass for children is not available. Please use the same “Osaka Amazing Pass” for adults, or purchase “Osaka Subway, Enjoy Eco Card” for children (300yen) and pay an admission fee at each facility when entering.
· The use for transportations and free admission facilities must be on the same day.
· To visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center, all adults (above 16) should be accompanied by at least one child and all children (under 15) should be accompanied by at least one adult.
· To visit Expo’70 Commemorative Park, you can only take the route that goes through “Esaka Station” to “Senri-Chuo Station”. You need to pay separate fee for other routes.
· You cannot exchange a 1 day pass to a 2 day pass, or vice versa. You can only get a refund and purchase a new pass.

If you plan ahead using the tips provided above, you will most definitely get your money back and enjoy great savings.
Visit the official website for more information: https://www.osp.osaka-info.jp/en/about/whats.html

Happy travels!

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