3D2N Compact Itinerary in Kanto Region (Tokyo, Yokohama & Kawazu)

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Kanto region is most famous for its megalopolis, Tokyo. But if you plan it right, you can still see the highlights of Tokyo and explore out of Tokyo since Japan is so well connected with fast trains. I managed to go to Yokohama (half-an-hour-train away from Tokyo) and even watch the Kawazu Sakura at Kawazu (2-hours-train away from Tokyo) in just 3 days. It sounds crazy but it’s totally doable!

Here’s my 3D2N itinerary:
Day 1 Tokyo (9 March 2018, Fri)
7am check in Kadoya Hotel, Shinjuku -> breakfast at Pronto, Shinjuku -> Asakusa Sensoji (6am-5pm) -> Shopping at Harajuku & mix fruit crepe at Sweet Box -> 2pm Ghibli Museum -> dinner at Curry & Naan, Shinjuku -> Shinjuku Kabukicho

Day 2 Tokyo -> Yokohama (10 March 2018, Sat)
10am tendon at Kaneko Hannosuke -> 11am shopping at SKYTREE Solomachi -> 4pm Cup Ramen Museum (10am-6pm, last entry 5pm) -> dinner at Noodles Bazaar, Cup Ramen Museum -> Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 -> 8pm Check in Tokyo Nihombashi Bay Hotel

Day 3 Tokyo -> Kawazu (11 March 2018, Sun)
8am Breakfast at Matsuya -> 9am depart to Kawazu -> 11.36am – 1.18pm cherry blossom at Kawazu -> 3.49pm reach Tokyo station -> Kitte shopping mall -> Tokyo Station First Avenue -> conveyor belt sushi dinner at Tokyo Station -> 7pm Haneda Airport

Day 1 Tokyo
Since I arrived Tokyo in early morning (travelling from Kyoto by overnight Willer Express bus), I managed to spend a full day in Tokyo!

For first timer visiting Tokyo, Asakusa Sensoji (oldest temple in Tokyo) is not to be missed. A fun thing to do at Asakusa Sensoji is to read your fortune at the booth in front of Sensoji. It costs just 100 yen. Don’t worry if you get a bad fortune, just tie it at one of the many racks at the temple.

While you are in Asakusa, spare some time to go to 8F of the Tourist Information Center located just opposite Kanamarimon gate to see the panoramic view of Asakusa street and the Tokyo Skytree. It is free and the view is amazing.

Next, I headed to Takeshita Street, Harajuku for some shopping time. Don’t forget to try the crepe at Harajuku.

ghibli museum
For Ghibli anime fans like me, a visit to Ghibli Museum is a must-do while in Tokyo. The museum is located at Mitaka, about half-an-hour train away from Shinjuku. The entrance fee is 1,000 yen and you must buy your ticket in advance.

You can use this time and opt to go to Shibuya instead, which is just a station away from Harajuku to see Hachiko and the infamous Shibuya Crossing!

Spent the evening in Shinjuku where you can see the sleepless town of Kabukicho coming to life at night. Have fun taking a photo with Godzilla at Kabukicho. The Curry & Naan restaurant in West Shinjuku is surprisingly good. I really don’t mind skipping a Japanese meal for this.

Day 2 Tokyo –> Yokohama
My sister left Tokyo early morning for her flight this day. I miss her (sob, sob). I still have almost 2 full days in Tokyo by myself since my flight on the last day was in mid-night.

Kaneko Hannosuke
Go to Kaneko Hannosuke restaurant early before it opens if you want to try its cheap and delicious tendon (just 980 yen). With just 20 seats inside, there’s always a queue outside the restaurant.

tokyo skytree (1)
Next, I went to Tokyo Skytree which is the tallest landmark in Tokyo. Even if you don’t go up to the observatory deck of Tokyo Skytree, it’s worth to just visit Tokyo Solamachi (the shopping mall below Skytree).

It has lots of shopping and dining options. You can easily spend half a day inside.

By 3.30pm, I took a train to Yokohama so that I have time to visit the Cup Noodle Museum before its last entry at 5pm. The Nissan Gallery Global Headquarter is also in Yokohama. The cityscape of Yokohama is modern and a pleasure to stroll around.

yokohama cup noodle museum
The Cup Noodle Museum warrants a special visit. I had so much fun making my own cup noodle (300 yen a cup). But it’s better to come here in pairs since some activities in the museum need a partner to do it with you, like the Chicken Ramen factory. It’s also more fun for children since they get to play in the Cup Noodles Park!

noodles bazaar
Do try the noodles from around the world at Noodles Bazaar. The potions are small, so you can sample the varieties of noodles without getting too full. It is also recommended to try the instant noodle flavoured sundae. It sounds weird but it’s totally delicious!

yokohama night
Afterwards, stroll leisurely at Yokohama bay in the evening. The night view of Yokohama bay is amazing! There’s also an outdoor theme park nearby the Cup Noodle Museum with exciting rides.

capsule hotel
Retiring for the night at the capsule hotel near Tokyo Station, Tokyo Nihonbashi Bay Hotel. It’s a fun experience trying to sleep in a cube which is no bigger than a single size bed, especially if you travel solo like me.

Day 3 Tokyo –> Kawazu
kawazu 2
Every year, Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival will be held at Kawazu for a month, typically starts mid-February till mid-March. The best time to visit is end February or early March. I missed the last day of the festival since the weather forecast was rainy day on the day before. I did not regret my decision as the weather was sunny on the day of my visit.

kawazu 3
It’s a pity that most of the petals had fallen off (about only 30% left on the tree) revealing new green leaf underneath. But I can imagine how beautiful it would be in full bloom.But I was lucky to stumble upon a sakura tree which was still in 85% full bloom. It was so pretty!

Do try the pink taiyaki at one of the stalls and take Instagram-worthy photo with it in front of the Sakura trees. I chose the sakura paste filling. It tasted as good as it looked.

In the evening, I was back in Tokyo. To get a good view of Tokyo Station, head over to the rooftop of KITTE building. The view is amazing around sunset time.

I also dropped by the Tokyo post office at the ground floor of KITTE building to buy a postcard. Each city or prefecture in Japan has a unique design for its postcards. You can also post your postcards at the post office.

tokyo station
The interior of Tokyo Station is also beautiful and it’s worth to stop over for some pictures inside. There’s also a Tokyo Station Gallery inside exhibiting everything related to art and architecture.

first avenue
Visit the First Avenue at the basement of Tokyo Station for ramen, tidbits and character shops. It is usually closed by 8pm.

After dinner, I headed to Haneda Airport. My 10D9N trip to Japan finally ended. What a memorable trip it was!

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